Our Background

ACMR is dedicated to providing small- and mid-cap America (companies with from $1 million to $100 million in revenues, in business two or more years) with the innovative, quality financing and management solutions they need to fulfill their growth potential.

  • Stagnation and consolidation are pervasive throughout the commercial finance and financial services industries today. Current institutions are defensive against the onslaught of regulations that limit their capability to help small and medium sized businesses
  • Few players focus on breakthrough growth strategies. Some have scaled back operations or exited specific segments they have found unprofitable.
  • This has led to a pent-up demand for creative approaches that fulfill demand while efficiently meeting investors’ needs.

ACMR's mission is to provide an alternative in this under-served middle market.

  • The small- and mid-cap markets are currently served unevenly by a fragmented array of consultants and professional service firms.
  • ACMR has assembled a team of highly experienced, client-centric authorities from the investment banking, management consulting, marketing, operations management, and information technology industries.
  • Selective best practices were married with creative solutions for the unmet needs of the marketplace.
  • Only ACMR provides its clients a competitive advantage in a tight marketplace.

Nothing breeds success like success. However, in this economy, an emerging, fast-growing company with a success formula is often beset with inadequate working capital, or access to capital, to sustain its volume of business.

That's where ACMR comes in.