Financial Management Solutions

Marketing/Business Development

When ACMR restructures your financial reports in an operational format, you will benefit in two important ways:


Your financial reports will visibly reflect how your business operates; thus, you will gain a new clarity and understanding. Your financial reports will become effective business management tools. Improved financial management facilitates both capital optimization and profit maximization.


Depicting your financials operationally versus historically builds a more persuasive story of your business thereby mitigating risk for financial institutions and investors. This enables you to obtain the critical short- or long-term financing (at the best rates and terms) to fuel your growth.

ACMR services include:

  Breakeven costs and pricing strategies

  Dynamic budgeting processes

  Cost control measures

  Capital induction scenarios

  Financial ratios

  Working capital analyses

  Cost standards and variances analyses

  Overhead and fixed costs absorption


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